Hilversum Library = cashless.
You can use your debit card or iDEAL to pay any amount. This means more security for you and our employees. Cashless paying is also easy and fast, which allows us to offer you more service.

Deposit on your library card

Your library card offers the possibility to charge a deposit, which can be used to pay tickets, reservation fees, or fines. This can be useful if your child visits the library unsupervised, but does not own an debit card.

Charging up a deposit can be done in our library, or via our website using iDEAL.

Charging up in the library

You can charge up in the library using our payment machine. This requires you bring your library card and a debit card.

Charging up via the website

  • To do this, visit our website and click “Mijn bibliotheek”.
  • Log in using your card number and password, and click “Details financiële posten”. 

  • Select the amount you wish to charge to your card (with a minimum of €5,-) and confirm.

  • Choose your bank and follows the steps.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I pay/top up my deposit?
In the library at the payment machine using your debit card, or on our website under “Mijn bibliotheek” using iDEAL.

What is the minimum amount I can charge up?
There is no minimum if you use the payment machine in the library. Using our website, there is a €5,- minimum.

What if I have no debit card or deposit with me, or only have cash?
Then you cannot use our paid services, such as the printer, the copier, and the internet. In the future, this will also apply to our reading café and coffee machine. 

How much free internet time do I get? Is Microsoft Office free?
Every library member gets one hour of free internet time per day. Microsoft Office can always be used for free by everyone. Without a card, internet costs €0,50 per 5 minutes. 

Can I pay for other people?
Using the website, you can pay for yourself and any people you are authorised for. You can authorise yourself via the website, or ask one of our employees for assistance. 

What if I’ve forgotten my library card?
You will not be able to use our services such as computers, borrowing books, or copying. So it is important you bring your library card for every visit! 

What if I’m not a member?
If you are not a member, there are two possibilities:

  • Visitor card: this is free. It can be used to charge a deposit, and gives an hour of free internet time every day.
  • Buy a deposit from the payment machine.

How do I pay for printing and copying?
For printing and copying, ensure you have a sufficient deposit on your card. The amount to pay will be deducted from your card. You can also pay for prints and copies at the payment machine. To do this, write down the print code that appears on screen.

Can I borrow books if I have a fine?
Your card will be blocked if you have a fine of over €5,- on your card, or a fine of any amount that has been open for longer than six months. You will need to pay the open fine before you can borrow books, renew books, or make reservations.